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Ann Arbor, Michigan


We help community banks build their brand and communities through social media contests and employee involvement, two powerful tools that can excite, engage and expand their social media presence. 


The forest

Plaid Fox Marketing has helped businesses and nonprofits build strong brands. We come alongside to help leaders see through and above the demands of the daily task list. We'll ask questions as we dig out the relevant messages for your audiences. We listen, learn, build and test.  Together we'll develop a fresh strategy, create plans, find the needed resources and get things moving.


What we've Done

Projects we’ve worked on for banks, businesses and nonprofits.

  • Marketing plans
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital advertising (AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Internal communications and employee surveys
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Community relations
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Events
  • Public relations





Who We've Done it for


Klear Plastic Ventures

When two experienced businessmen were ready to launch their own company representing an overseas plastics manufacturer, Plaid Fox Marketing jumped into action. Our team created their logo, branding materials and website. Now we know the difference between PET and PCR. And KPV is bringing in the business.


Bank of Ann Arbor

In 1999, Bank of Ann Arbor was $140 million in assets with roughly 40 people.  Marketing was simply advertising, which was handled by a freelancer and a branch manager. Today Bank of Ann Arbor is recognized as a strong brand in its local community and is admired nationally among community banks for its innovative advertising and social media efforts.  Bank of Ann Arbor is #2 in market share in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has recently topped $1 billion in assets.

While at Bank of Ann Arbor, we launched a 12 week concert series called Sonic Lunch that has become a summer tradition in Ann Arbor.  The marketing team created and hosted this event that now draws thousands each Thursday at lunch time.

HT Mobile Apps   

Plaid Fox Marketing creates content to help HT Mobile Apps attract the attention and interest of community banks and credit unions in their mobile app, Banker Jr.


Plaid Fox Marketing joined forces with Color Hive Creative to help local tech start-up, Larky, establish awareness and credibility among community banks and credit unions for their white-label mobile app. We created a content strategy to cost-effectively support sales efforts using inbound marketing tools (blogging, email and social media) and articles in recognized trade publications.

Ypsilanti District Library YSF’15

Plaid Fox Marketing is the project manager for Ypsilanti District Library’s ninth annual song writing celebration, Ypsi Song Fest 2015. We worked with talented graphic designer, Matt Talbot, to create a powerful graphic for this year’s event. We rounded up local businesses to create the promotional items needed to help spread the word. Then we helped the YDL team get the community engaged and excited to attend the event.

Spry Publishing

A recent acquisition of a marketing services partner brought new skills and new markets to Spry Publishing. Plaid Fox Marketing lead the leadership team at Spry Publishing through a series of conversations to develop a clear vision and brand strategy to help create one new business from two.