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We help community banks build their brand and communities through social media contests and employee involvement, two powerful tools that can excite, engage and expand their social media presence. 




Small businesses, community banks and nonprofits are busy places these days. Especially for marketers.  A steady, unstoppable stream of projects flow onto the desk of a typical marketer daily. There is not nearly enough time to keep up with the deadlines, put out fires, respond to requests and keep oneself filled up with creative ideas.

Plaid Fox Marketing can help with the stream and the ideas.

As the marketing manager for a community bank that grew from $100 million to $1 billion in assets, I have a first-hand knowledge of the amount of work  marketing professionals have to manage.  After 15 years on the inside, I decided it was time to put my experience and knowledge to work to help others.  Now I’m on the outside to bring interesting ideas, perspective and energy to marketers and their leaders.

Plaid Fox Marketing can revive your brand, refresh your employees and rejuvenate your business.

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