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Ann Arbor, Michigan


We help community banks build their brand and communities through social media contests and employee involvement, two powerful tools that can excite, engage and expand their social media presence. 




Know what you need to say, but struggle to put it into words or create a compelling story? Or simply lack the time and energy to focus a message into a meaningful communication?

The Plaid Fox is here to help. We come alongside busy business and nonprofit leaders to listen, learn, and then create messaging to connect, inform, educate or entertain a target audience.

The Plaid Fox helps you decide what stories need to be told and how to tell them. We listen and craft, so you can communicate effectively.

We've created talks, speeches, press releases, advertising copy, blog and magazine articles, social media posts, case studies and more.

Whether you need to move people to action, build better team connections, transparently discuss business,  or lighten up a meeting, turn to Plaid Fox for help.

We use our decades of marketing experience to prioritize, plan and proceed. We're up to date on the latest digital marketing techniques and experienced in the proven, traditional marketing tactics. With more than 30 years of hands-on marketing experience, we provide a realistic approach along with the resources and budget needed to get the job done.

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